What you should know about us
  • We're thankful
    If you think that it is an amazing privilege to fly, we already have a lot in common. To us, flight training is not just a necessary step toward airborne transportation or a career in aviation. It is one of life's greatest joys. To see the world from above, to control a machine gracefully in three dimensions, to develop the knowledge and discipline to fly safely, these are more than means to an end. These are wonderful experiences that we would love to share with you, until you are ready to exercise those privileges on your own.
  • We love students
    Whether you're an experienced pilot working toward a new rating or the kid who has to stop what he's doing and watch whenever an airplane flies overhead (or both), we understand where you're coming from.
  • We are not in this business to build experience or to build an empire. We're here to invest in you, to help you become what you were made to be.
  • Whether it's an introductory flight, just to see if you like it, or an aerobatic lesson, because you always wanted to fly a loop all by yourself, we will teach and encourage and support you. That's what you need to grow, and that's what we love to do.
  • What you need
    Passion. Good things don't come easily and skill in aviation is no exception. With proper support, most people can succeed in earning a pilot's license. Few, if any, can do so without serious effort.
  • Humility. There is a secret rule that pilots are not allowed to know it all. If you do, aviation may not be a good fit. If, on the other hand, you are willing to listen and ask "dumb" questions and try new things, you will probably do just fine.
  • Money. Not an inspiring thing to say but, hey, we're here to give it to you straight. Fuel is expensive, insurance is expensive, airplanes are expensive. You will spend about $180 per hour on your flight training (more or less, depending on what you're doing), so the average pilot's license will set you back $8,000 - 10,000, depending upon your level of commitment. After you have your license, flying gets cheaper (if you like). You won't often need an instructor along, and there are some wonderful airplanes for sale at around the price of a nice car.
    Why you should fly

  • To see the majesty of creation. (That's why we chose the name Majestic Air.)
  • To grow as a person. (Going through flight training is not just aquiring a set of skills, it is a process of accepting challenge and serious responsibility.)